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MASONRY CUTTING WHEELS Silicon Carbide grain for cutting masonry, concrete, stone, tiles & non-ferrous metals Fox Cutting Wheels are manufactured

Afrox Vitamax E6013 Welding Electrodes

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Angle Grinder 115 1000ww

R 1,690.00
No Load Spead 11500 Disc Diameter (mm) 115 Max cutting depth (mm) 33 Weight 2,3 (kg)

Angle grinder 115 800ww

R 1,599.00
Product Features Powerful 670w input power Maximum safety – 1 619 P09 976 Protective guard – 1 619 P10 088

Angle Grinder 125 1200ww

R 2,100.00
1200W No Load Spead 11500 Disc Diameter (mm) 125 Max cutting depth (mm) 40 Weight 2,4 (kg)

Angle Grinder 230 2200ww

R 2,860.00
2200W No Load Spead 6000 Disc Diameter (mm) 230 Max cutting depth (mm) 68 Weight 5,8 (kg)

Anti Spatter spray non slicon based 350ml

R 80.00
Anti spatter reduces welding spatter on nozzles and contact tip. Convenient spray can What’s in the box 1x 400ml Aerosol can

Anti Spatter spray Slicon based 350ml

R 80.00
Features:– Anti-spatter spray is a product that prevents the sparkler-like array of spatter bbs from sticking to your welding table.–

Anti Spatter Water based 5L

R 650.00
PREMIUM WATER BASED ANTI-SPATTER. Premium quality water based anti-spatter compound that provides a thin, uniform protective coating on MIG nozzles,

Argon Flow Meter and LPG Regulator

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ARGON FLOW METER & LPG REGULATORs Features : High-quality Metal body, joints and nuts work well, compact, not rust, durable.

Blue lined welding glove wrist length AB Grade

R 75.99
Blue Welding Gloves Blue welding gauntlet 8 inch cuff, fully cotton lined. Sock lining and self-hemmed opening gives a comfortable

Blue skull cap 100% Cotton

R 25.00
Protective cap to use under welding cap, 100% cotton