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Angle Grinder 115 1000ww

R 1,943.50
No Load Spead 11500 Disc Diameter (mm) 115 Max cutting depth (mm) 33 Weight 2,3 (kg)

Angle grinder 115 800ww

R 1,838.85
Product Features Powerful 670w input power Maximum safety – 1 619 P09 976 Protective guard – 1 619 P10 088

Angle Grinder 125 1200ww

R 2,415.00
1200W No Load Spead 11500 Disc Diameter (mm) 125 Max cutting depth (mm) 40 Weight 2,4 (kg)

Angle Grinder 230 2200ww

R 3,289.00
2200W No Load Spead 6000 Disc Diameter (mm) 230 Max cutting depth (mm) 68 Weight 5,8 (kg)

Hikoki angle grinder 115mm 1200W

R 4,023.85
Powerful motor : Input 1200W and max power output 1900W Motor more durable for overload and wear resistance Convenient tool

Hikoki angle grinder 115mm 600w

R 1,148.85
Wheel diameter 115mm Motor input 600W Excellent overload durability Grinding wheel not supplied   Power Input : 600W No load

Hikoki angle grinder 230mm 2000w

R 3,304.93
ANGLE GRINDER 230mm 2000W Best in class overload durability Best in class light weight Large switch lever for more control

Hikoki angle grinder 230mm 2500W

R 4,023.85
Angle grinder 230mm 2500W   Wheel diameter 230mm Double insulated aluminium housing first in its class Powerful motor : power input 2500W

Hikoki angle grinder 730w

R 1,723.85
ANGLE GRINDER 115mm 730W   Best in class durability Smallest grip circumference Wheel diameter 115mm Slide switch on side of

Hitachi angle grinder 115mm 840W

R 2,068.85
Angle grinder 115mm 840W   Wheel diameter 115mm Powerful motor : input 840W with high overload durability Slide switch on the

Hitachi Angle Grinder 1200 watt

R 3,449.99
Hitachi Angle Grinder 1200 watt

Hitachi Angle Grinder 125mm brushless

R 9,199.99
Hitachi Angle Grinder 125mm brushless