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Desk screen

R 350.00
Covid sneeze screen 2mm   1000 x 500  

Elbow sanitizer pump

R 210.00
Elbow pump dispenser Can be mounted to a wall  Steel, rust proof coat White in colour  Fits up to a

Garage Roll and stand

R 720.00
Garage Roll and stand roll 200mm X 1000M 

Germkill Liquid Sanitizer dispenser

R 2,098.00
For Liquid sanitizer  No waste  easy and safe to use 

Hand dispenser liquid soap and Gel sanitizer

R 1,120.00
Auto sensing  No waste  Easy and safe to use  700ml capacity 

mx™ Humidifier Ultrasonic

R 688.85
The mx Humidifier increases the humidity level in a room by producing a cool mist using ultrasonic vibration. The correct

Safe-Guard Phone Sanitiser & Screen Cleaner

R 24.99
Quantity per Carton 200 Carton Dimensions (in cm) 28 x 27 x 24 Carton Weight (in kg) 8.12 Page Number